do you ever just turn your candy canes into prison shanks like…


Perfect for killing my enemies with a little holiday flair


I literally thought of killing one of my class members while having a candy cane in my hand shaped like that today in school

*in the tune of “jingle bells”*

"Sitting in my cell,
Waiting for my chance to prey,
Got the candy in my hand,
That bitch gon’ die today hAHAHA!
When I get to the yard,
Imma shank that ugly bitch,
And when she starts to bleed to death,
Yo scared ass ain’t gon’ snitch!!!
OH candy-shank, candy-shank,
It’s sharp, it’s fast, it’s free,
And when I stab yo’ ugly ass,
You’ll smell minty when you bleed.”

I’m still working on it but whatever.

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Remember the book fair?

That week was poppin. They be tellin you to make wish lists and you make one with everything but books like slinkies & glitter pens & shit & the total cost is like $75 & you show your mom the list of stuff when you get home after school & she be like “fuck outta here I ain’t gettin that bullshit” & then you be passin by the book fair like everyday till it’s over with the stale face.

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gonna get SO trashed at this Kidz Bop concert its gonna be crazy

I got that good milk & applesauce….

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remember that time it got so hot in some parts of australia the bottoms of people’s thongs were literally melting to the asphalt and people still ask me why I hate summer

For Americans reading this post, a thong is a flip-flop.


Mental image

ohhhhh. i envisioned people’s asscheeks stuck to the pavement

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